Monday, February 19, 2007


Hey Chica's,

ALL-STAR WEEKEND was this weekend, and please believe it was Action PACKED!

Most pics Courtesy of : WWW.NBA.COM
Because you know I didn't take them myself!

Friday's :

Celebrity All-Star Game:

This game basically proved why Actors, Rappers, Comedians, and NFL players aren't in the NBA. These guys were looking drained 5 minutes into the game. It was Absolutely Hilarious!



David Arquette (“In Case of Emergency”)

Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile)

Nelly (Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist)

Taye Diggs (Best Man, How Stella Got Her Groove Back)

Jamie Kennedy (“Jamie Kennedy Experiment”)

Bobby Flay (“Throwdown with Bobby Flay”)

LaDainian Tomlinson (NFL’s San Diego Chargers)

Carrot Top (comedian)

Chris Tucker (comedian)

Katie Smith (WNBA’s Detroit Shock)

Coach: Tim Legler, ESPN analyst

Asst. Coach – James Pickens Jr. (“Grey’s Anatomy”)


James Denton ("Desperate Housewives")

Reggie Bush (NFL’s New Orleans Saints)

Donald Faison (“Scrubs”)Bow Wow (Roll Bounce)

Tony Potts (co-anchor of “Access Hollywood”)

Nick Cannon (Bobby)

Jonathan Silverman (“In Case of Emergency”)

Tamika Catchings (WNBA’s Indiana Fever)

Coach: Greg Anthony, ESPN

Asst. Coach – Wayne Newton (“Grey’s Anatomy")

Back to the Game.... The West Killed the East 40-21.

Bow Wow Was Giving it to Nelly!

Chris Tucker had the FACE, but no game to go with it!

As For Our Beloved Reggie Bush... Don't Worry Girls It was just a Twisted Ankle!

But I didn't Watch The Rookie/Sophmore Game.. I had a Hot Date. But The Sophmores did School The Rookies 155-114. DAVID LEE... The Bushy head white guy who had the black eye last week from The Knicks! Congrats. Here are some Random pics from the Game!


Bellow is Jordan Farmer From the LA Lakers.. He's Handsome!

University of Illinios Alum Luther Head.. Big Up CHI-TOWN!

Saturdays Action:

Slam Dunk Contest. The young guys really brought it this year!

Boston's Gerald Green had the night's three top-rated slams, including a perfect 50 on his final flush, dethroning the defending champion Nate Robinson (NEW YORK KNICKS) and become the 2007 Sprite Slam Dunk champion. On the last jam, Green windmilled while hurdling an All-Star table. In the first round Green caught a Paul Pierce lob off the side of the backboard and flushed it home for a 48, and then covered his eyes while jumping over Robinson himself for a 47. His first-round total of 95 edged Robinson (90), Orlando's Dwight Howard (85) and Chicago's Tyrus Thomas (80).


Let me explain this one. Basically what they do is take a current NBA Player , a Retired Great, and a local WNBA player and put on them through an Obstical course together. Like Chicago's Team,Bulls Ben Gordon (BG), Ol Big Nose Scottie Pippen, and he's trying to come back to the NBA, and Chicago Skys' Candice Dupree.. Don't let the Cuteness fool you.. She can Hoop!

But according to the Time... Chicago's team one, but since they didn't shoot in order by Default Detriot took he victory! BUT WE KNOW WHO THE REAL WINNERS ARE! And yes the get extra money for this! $15k a piece!

The Skills & 3 Point Challenge:

Mr Flash, Miam Heat Gaurd D-Wade took over the Skills Challenge for the 2nd year in a roll beat out both Kobe, and Lebron. You Go Boy!

While His Team Mate Jason, Mr No Passing Kapono beat Out Washington's Gilbert Arenas and Dirk Nowitzki from San Antonio!

Now Lets Get To The Good Stuff:

Sunday Night Was the Grand Finale... In the 1st entry I went over the Players For The All-Star Game, and this was their chance to shine! I love to see Men in suits, and they Showed up and Showed out!

D-Wade, and Bron Bron getting their grown man on! I'm not mad at ya!

Vince Carter looking his usual... FINE!

But Let me get back to the Game. There were some extras added on the list because of injuries... I'm happy to say that Carmelo Anthony & Josh Howard got in on the game Because of Sun's Steve Nash and AI's injury. But Allen still got some fresh cornrows for the event! Look at you looking like your Momma!

But I'm so happy That Melo got selected for the team, it didn't make any sense for the Leading Scorer to not be on the All-Star team... It's a respect thing! DID LA LA HAVE THAT BABY YET? Seems like she's been Preggo for YEARS!

Well... Of Course The West Won.. And Guess who was MVP......................................Mr Action Hisself..................................... KOBE

As much as I want to Hate this guy.... When he's Hot He's Hot.....

Shawn Marion looks like


I still LUV U SHAWN>>>>>

Back To The Game...

The WEST Dominated from Start To Finish 153-132. Kobe Banked 31 points , while Mr Oh So Sexy Amare Stoudmaire wasn't too far befind with 29 points. The King ,Mr. Lebron James lead the Eastern Conf with 28 points 6 assist and 6 rebounds. This was a very entertaining game. And The Guys just had fun!

Those were the highlights from VEGAS.

I have a request......... Please make suggestions on what topics you would like me to cover! I want to make this as informative for you ladies as possible! Let me know what you want to know, and I will bring it to you our way! I'm not here to help Groupies find husbands, but to help all women understand sports!



nkenge said...

This is such a great and informative blog!

Krista said...

Girl You Are Crazy.. Shawn Marion Does Look Like ANTZ>>>> I love this idea... it's cute! I'm suprise u aren't married yet. U r a guys dream!

Jhere said...

Girl the blog is coming along!!! I'm proud of you.....Oh and I need a crash course in football. Other then that I say just do one sport a week but focus on one or two major things as well as keeping us informed on what's going on in these athlete's wives. Don't hesitate to inform us about the REAL TROPHY WIVES!!!! We want to know what's going on with them also!!!