Thursday, February 8, 2007

NBA 101 2/8

Hey Chica's,

Most women hate watching sports with their Fellas mainly because they don't understand. Well It's BASKETBALL season.. and today we are going over BASKETBALL 101~ Our Way!


The Point Guard: He's usually the smallest man on the floor. He's the best ball handler. He calls all of the plays on and off the court! Look at Jason Kidd (New Jersey Nets) and his divorce drama... Can we say "CONTROL FREAK"! Other popular shouting Guards are Steve Nash (Phoenix Suns), and Tony Parker, engaged to Eva Langloria (San Antonio Spurs). Now Be careful ladies sometimes these guys can switch up and play the Shooting Guard as well!

Shooting Guard: Big Time Scorer on and off the court~ KOBE!
They also handle the ball well, and score a lot of points off the dribble. OH So Sexy, and newly single Allen Iverson-AI (Denver Nuggets), my boy B-Geezy /Ben Gordon (Chicago Bulls), and of course Miami's Sizzler D-Wade. I'm going to refrain from saying how handsome he is 'cause I heard his wife was pyscho. She also played Point in high school! Can we say "CONTROL FREAK"!

FYI a lot of these guys play small forward as well... Like Gilbert Arenas Washington Wizards, And Lebron James Cleveland Cavs

Moving on to the bigger guys.....

Small Forward: Not usually big on D (Defense). They aren't soft, but just not aggressive! And these guys are big time scorers too!They are usually smaller and quicker than the Power Foward and the center Vince Carter ( NJ NETS) the handsome Rashard Lewis (Seattle Sonics) I love that guy,The 46 million Dollar Man C Webb (Detroit pistons) and the Matrix Mr Shawn Marion! Doesn't he look just like a worker ant from Antz?


Power Forward: BIG just like I like them! They shot a lot of mid range shots (outside of the post). Plays opposite of the Center, they also play that position sometimes as well! Very aggressive , and big on Defense. My Fav is Amare Stoudemire~Simply stunning! KG/ Kevin Garnett, and Jermain Oneal (Indiana Pacers) just to name a few!
Center: BIG AS HELL, SHAQ ( Miami Heat) plays in the post, down low to do most of the scoring. Really Big on Defense. He's usually the Biggest Guy on the court. Yao Ming, Ben Wallace, and THE BEAST Eddie Curry (NY Knicks) This guy is literally 5 times my size.

Big Guys make Big Kids......

Know since you know a little something about the positions, check out some of the hot games tonight and see if you can point any out! The more you understand the more you will enjoy it!Take my word for it!

Tonight on TNT Lakers vs Pistons and Chicago vs the Kings


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