Tuesday, February 20, 2007

2007 NBA All-Star Dancers

Hey Chica's,

I Almost forgot.....
Being a dancer myself.. I have to give Props to the Ladies who where choosen for the All-star Team! Good Job Ladies!

Pic Courtesy of : WWW. NBA.COM

Watch them in action! I might be out there next year!


Anonymous said...

What's up Chica,
I hope you started working out if you are going to try out for the team this year! I know your going to make it! Great Job With the Blog. Girl put some info on Football on here.. I really need a refresher course in that!

Anonymous said...

Yea the girls did pretty well....hopefully there will be more of us represented next year in the N.O.!!!! I hope you make the team next year but first lets join a dance team (hawks)!!!!


Anonymous said...

This is nice something for the ladies …..