Thursday, September 6, 2007



While conversing with my coworkers this week, I heard the same complaints about football that I heard about basketball! Most women don't understand the game! So This week I'm going to break down the basics for you ladies, and next week go over teams! Let's get you girls ready for some football!

Football is played on a field, which is exactly 100 yards from goal to goal. The coin toss starts the game, which doesn't happen in any other sport. This determines which team will get the ball first, and which side the other team wishes to defend against for the first and fourth quarter or the second and third quarter.

The first thing that happens in a game is called a kickoff, which is when one team kicks the ball across the field to the other team. The other team tries to run into the other teams end zone and score. Along the way they have 4 chances to move the ball ten yards at a time.This is called a DOWN, or a PLAY . They can do this by throwing the ball or by running the ball. If the team doesn't get to a place they feel comfortable after three downs they can do one of three things, either go for the yards to make the ten, punt the ball which is kick the ball to the other team, or go for a field goal which is kicking the ball between the yellow posts which are located at the end of the end zone.

That is basically the point of the game and what they are achieving.
The point system is: when they score a touchdown, which means run into the other teams end zone with the ball they score 6 points. After the touchdown they can either kick for a point or do another play to get into the end zone for two points.

Another way to score is called a safety. This is when you tackle the other team when they are still inside their end zone, this will give the team that makes the tackle 2 points.

Along the way there are obstacles to get to the end zone. The receivers are being covered by defenders and you block for everything. The other teams goal is to not allow you to get any points so they will try their best to knock down passes and tackle against the run so no yardage is gained. Also to make things harder, there are penalties such as offsides, which means that the defensive team went before the ball was snapped and this gives the offensive team 5 yards. On the same lines there is a false start which means that a player on the offensive side of the ball went before the ball was snapped to the quarterback and that team will loose 5 yards. There are other penalties such as holding, face mask (grabbing or tackling by a players face mask), personal fouls, roughing the kicker, roughing the passer, chop in the back, illegal formations, halo rule (being within 2 yards of the kick returner before he catches the ball)

There are three time outs given to each team for each half of the game, there are also two challenges given to each team, but they can only be used as long as the challenging team has a time out to use. The challenge means they are not agreeing with the referee's call on the field and want the ruling overturned.

I hope this Can hold you guys over until tomorrow. Monday I'm going over each postion , But for know it's football time for me!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Here Come's The Judge!

It took a lot of restraint for me to no entertain this subject, no longer am I silent! My views are so strong that if anything I would have written would have been misconstrued I would have gone nuts! As a writer, I write things to get certain emotions out of people and share mine as well,but this is a totally different situation for me. Everything I've read, seen on TV about this has struck something in me. The media has escalated this to unbelievable levels. My prayers go out to the entire Vick Family, especially Mike's Mom. I hope we can all learn from this ordeal!

They built him up until he was beyond human. He was a product, a brand,and invincible to everything. Adds in every magazine, newspapers, and commercials on every channel. This was the man that greeted visitors, on billboards everywhere in Atlanta! Just as fast as they built this man up, they took all of it away! Micheal Vick went from having a 10 year contract with the Falcons worth over a 100 million, to as of Friday owing $22 million of what he's received back to them!

For the past couple years Vick has been under scrutiny consistently! The water bottle incident, which no one in the media apologized for, the Ron Mexico incident, not making the luncheon with President Bush, and lets not forget being blame for the mishaps that Marcus Vick had! He's been called a thug, and a hoodlum, and now they've made him the Poster Boy for dog fighting!

DOG FIGHTING! The average Joe doesn't go to jail for dog fighting, nor would his case make it to federal court! Mike Vick is nowhere near your average Joe, and our once invincible main is no longer invincible!

Wake Up Call

From high school, sometimes even younger they throw these young boys in an environment where everything goes. They train them to jump higher, run faster, throw further.They come from pennies to having million dollar salaries! Whose job is it to guide them? Whose job is to make them a responsible person? Alot of these young men are the 1st.... To go to school, or even to get out of their environment. As a family, community, a race, we need to step in and help guide our young men!

At the University of Iowa a couple of football players were suspended for posting pictures on facebook of themselves with bottles of Grey goose. To add to the embarrassment, 2 of the young men were later suspended indefinitely and charged with charged with suspicion of purchasing $2,016.76 worth of merchandise with unauthorized credit cards.
With all the incidents that have happen lately , not just black athletes, everyone is included. NBA,NHL,NFL, MLB, etc... need to come together. Together we can guide these men, create a program to keep them grounded.After all they invested in these men physically, they need to concentrate on their mental as well!
Wake Up People!